The Coffee Shop, 2012 By Vann Sereyratanak

"My photo essay shows one woman, a resident of the White Building, working on the ground floor, cooking and selling to the people. This community is full of objects; it is chaotic, and materials are visible all the time. I make some kind of order to these things, showing the geometry, symmetry, and color. It seems people at the White Building are eating all the time; from the beginning to the end of the day there are always people eating and drinking at all of the food stands. The woman in my photographs is polite and friendly. She is a widow trying to support four children. Her customers are 60% from The Building and 40% outside. She even has orders for delivery because he coffee is so good. I want to say thank you here to her for allowing me to take photographs to do this work."

- Vann Sereyratanak