Daily Life Simulacrum, 2013 By Blu Simon Wasem

"Daily Life Simulacrum is the title of the exhibition that I made during my residency in Phnom Penh at Sa Sa Art Projects in 2013. It is also the title of this album I composed in 2015, using only material from the period of my residency. Mine was an art/life experience in Cambodia. I spent two months in search of collaboration with vibrant local artists, and in exchange with this incredible environment.

I travelled to Battambang, where I played at Lotus Bar and Gallery, and also to Siem Reap, where I performed at the at 1961 Art Hotel. I visited the theater of the contemporary classical dance company Sophiline Arts Ensemble. Also I hung out with a friend who I first met several months before in Thailand, the video maker Jeremy Miles. He filmed video with me around the city. And last but not least, my brother Alec Schachner came from Saigon by motorbike for my final act, and we performed a music piece together for the local audience at the White Building.

In this album, there are only echoes from this life experience. No sound here was designed with an aesthetic purpose, but also nothing was by chance. It was all meant to be, like it is. Nature is perfect, and chaotic. This music is the manifestation of my passage to the White Building, and nothing else. Or maybe, this is my secret tribute to all the souls that suffered in the past in this amazing country, a chant of hope, from the White Building spirits to my soul, and then back to the tracks. Body and soul as medium."

— Blu Simon Wasem

  • Blu Simon Wasem, Daily Life Simulacrum Part I, 2013
  • Blu Simon Wasem, Daily Life Simulacrum Part II, 2013
  • Blu Simon Wasem, Daily Life Simulacrum Part III, 2013
  • Blu Simon Wasem, Daily Life Simulacrum Part IV, 2013