White Building – Sisters By Chia Wei Hsu

Yon Davy and Yon Chantha are sisters born in the White building and have been living there since then. Davy specializes contemporary dance while Chantha specializes in traditional dance Apsara. The artist invited them to perform in a new-built building in Phnom Penh. During these years Phnom Penh has seen rapid development with various modern buildings built, whereas the old White Building is facing dismantling. The scene in this video reflects the changing faces of a city. In this video, the sisters are having a body conversation via two different type of dances in the construction site.

Contemporary dancer: Yon Davy

Apsara dancer: Yon Chantha

Director: Chia Wei Hsu

Production manager: Kong Dara

Cinematographer: Chia Wei Hsu, Chhum Phanith

Sound recorder: Vann Sereyratanak

Assistant sound recorder: Eang Pisith

Gaffer: Saom Rotha

Still photographer: Kourn Lyna

Image editor: Chia Wei Hsu

Sound editor: Chalermrat Kaweewattana

Sound mixer: Chalermrat Kaweewattana

Colorist: Kaensan Rattanasomrerk

Special thanks: CITYPARK DEVELOPMENT PLC., Jeff Lin, Lim Sokchanlina, Chung-jen Hsiang